Mobile Studies Academy (MSA) is a unique international institution of adaptive, blended and collaborative learning, focusing on designing and delivering solution-oriented education in all areas of mobile media and communicatons, ranging from mobile government to mobile parenting. Affiliated with and supported by Mobile Studies International (MSI), MSA offers two unique programs: a course-based program and a workshop-based program. The course-based program offers all mobile-related courses while the workshop-based program focuses an intensive trianing on a chosen topic.    

Leveraging the expertise of MSI-invited policy-makers, practitioners and professors of mobile media and communication around the world, MSA distinguishes itself from the crowd as a unique provider of mobile education. Interdisciplinary and comparative in approach, MSA aims at upgrading mobile educators, researchers and practitioners in all fields. 

Singapore-based, yet globally-operated, MSA invites mobile practitioners, professors and policy-makers to work for us as professors for the course-based program or instructors for the workshop-based program. If you are interested in joining us, please write to us here.